No Sense of Direction. It's Whatever.

I'm Sara.
I'm twenty-two.
I have to use a wheelchair.
I'm from Baltimore, Maryland.
I post what appeals to me.
Sometimes I just vent.
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    23 July - Reblog
    23 July - Reblog


    Being alive is getting really expensive

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    • baby: dd d dde..dd-da
    • dad: daddy? :)
    • baby: desu
    • dad: its a fucking weeb
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    23 July - Reblog

an amazing story
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    "what do you want to do with your life?"image

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If you didn’t feel like jumping into yo tv and slapping those lil blue eyed devils for teasing Suzanne than you ain’t real and you need to unfollow me right na

I felt this so much. 
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    • Baby: m-m
    • Mom: mama?
    • Baby: mitochondria. it is the powerhouse of the cell
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fruit of the loom commercials get weirder every year
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